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What Is PDF Tagging

PDF tagging is the process of creating a structured and accessible PDF file. In this case, text tagging means creating an underlying layer to the document similar to the HTML structure. It is necessary to identify such parts of the file as headings, lists, links, columns, chapters, sections, tables, images, etc. Tagging PDF documents allow adding an alternative description to pictures and images as well.

Although some programs export files in the already tagged format (MS Word and PowerPoint), the majority of applications do not do that (Google Docs for instance). But even if automatic text annotation is available, it is usually far from perfect. It still needs to be reviewed manually.

Why is tagging text important? It creates a document that a program can read (AT apps or text-to-voice readers). It also ensures that the document performs seamlessly on various screens and devices and by people with any physical or developmental impairments. And it ensures a structured and organized approach to documents.

Characteristics of a Full Accessible PDF

Professional text labeling ensures that a PDF is fully accessible. It is commonly used for Natural Language Processing (NLP annotation services) to train algorithms. Such documents have the following characteristics:

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Proper reading structure and order for every page of the document. So whether it is accessed by a text tagging machine learning tool or a person using an assistive device, it is organized in a logical order;

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Tags and text data annotation for all logical elements. Those can be chapters, sections, lists, tables, hyperlinks, images, graphs, etc. All of them need to be manually tagged for a fully accessible PDF;

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A clear and correct description of images. Automatic tagging is not very useful in this regard. A correct description of any image is best done by professionals as they know what elements are important for the reader’s perception;

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Properly structured tables. Tables are complex elements, which require professional text annotation services to be done accurately. Otherwise, the table content might become incomprehensible for readers or text mining semantic analysis tools. It is also essential for web accessibility of the content;

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High usability of multimedia and interactive elements including links;

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Language confirmation with proper labels for easy translation, comprehension, and tone analysis.

How to Order PDF Tagging
Services with Us

If you are interested in professional PDF tagging, intent analysis, or annotation text services, we are here to help. Our expert team offers a full spectrum of tagging services to create a fully accessible document. To outsource text annotation services you can follow a couple of simple steps:

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Contact us with the simple form given below.

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Describe your project scope and requirements. Give us as many details as you need.

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Receive a project estimation from us. Our team is always fast to respond.

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Proceed with invoice payment and start collaboration.


Other Services We Provide

We offer professional text annotation outsourcing services that include all types of annotation. These are:

It means locating, extracting, and tagging entities in the document. It is commonly used for training chatbots and NLP text databases. It includes such types as:

  • Named Entity Recognition – tagging entities with their proper names;
  • Keyphrase Tagging – finding and labeling specific keywords and phrases in the text;
  • Part-of-Speech (POS) Tagging – finding and labeling functional pasts of speech like adjectives, nouns, verbs, or adverbs.

This process includes not only finding and tagging specific entities but also connecting them to larger databases of information. This ensures web accessibility and online text annotation as well as a better user experience. There are two types of entity linking:

  • End-to-end linking – named entity recognition, tagging, and connecting them in the document to eliminate any disambiguation.
  • Entity disambiguation – the process of connecting entities to databases about them.

This process includes reading and addressing the subject and the content of the document, including semantic text analysis. It also covers intent and sentiment data analysis. This ensures proper classification of the content. There are four main types of this service:

  • Document classification;
  • Product categorization;
  • Topic Extraction;
  • Sentiment annotation.

This process refers to labeling language information in the text. It concerns grammar, phonetics, and semantics. The main types of text annotation services are:

  • Discourse annotation;
  • POS tagging;
  • Semantic annotation.

This service is used for tagging tokens in a chunking task. This is essential for computational linguistics, annotation NLP, and text annotation machine learning tools.

3 Main Models of Text Annotation Services We Offer

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Managed Annotation Service

Managed PDF tagging service is the most comfortable model for companies as you outsource all the processes to a qualified team. This improves productivity, and delivery time, and offers seamless operations. It gives access to a high level of skills without any hustle on your side as it is taken care of by us.

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Part-time Dedicated Annotator

Part-time PDF tagging specialist dedicated to your project. This is a flexible and cost-efficient model that makes our professional services available for businesses of all sizes. Pay only for the time an expert spends on your project and save a significant amount of the budget.

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Full-time Dedicated Annotator

Full-time PDF tagging specialist fully dedicated to your project. This model gives you full control over the expert’s workload. It also ensures fast project delivery as a specialist will be working only for you. This is perfect for larger projects or continuous cooperation where our specialists become an expansion of your in-house team.

Reasons to Outsource PDF Tagging to Us

Expert Specialists

Expert Specialists

We offer the help of experienced professionals that know all intricacies of PDF tagging. They have wide expertise in terms of all types of annotation, whether you are looking for text classification, intent analysis, or linguistic tagging.

Fully Accessible Documents

Fully Accessible Documents

With our services, you will be able to have fully accessible and functional documents. You can use them for NLP projects, organization of databases, optimization of web content, and provision of better user experience to your customers.

Flexible Cooperation

Flexible Cooperation

With three models of cooperation, you can choose the terms that work best for your project scope and business needs. Smaller projects might benefit from part-time engagement while managed PDF tagging services are perfect for continuous collaboration. In any case, you are in charge.

Reasonable Prices

Reasonable Prices

We offer affordability to all our partners. Without compromising on quality, you’ll get access to proficient specialists. This helps keep the project under a comfortable budget.

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

Our team is going to promptly respond to any questions or concerns you might have. We guarantee timely delivery in terms of finding suitable specialists and performance on the project. Even if you need rare expertise, we are happy to find such a professional on the shortest notice.

Full Satisfaction

Full Satisfaction

We guarantee satisfaction with our services to all our partners. This includes constant support, quality performance, security guarantees, and convenient communication.

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